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Patient Handouts

Below are handouts given to patients on various health topics. If there are questions regarding these handouts please contact our office. These handouts are made available for educational purposes only and are not meant to be interpreted as legal, medical advice. Nor are they an encouragement to forgo consulting your physician regarding any medical condition you may be experiencing. 

An overview on what Korean Hand Therapy is, how it works, and why we utilize it in our practice.

Directions on axillary body temperature monitoring for assessing thyroid health.

General signs and symptoms associated with underactive thyroid conditions.

Basic information on what cholesterol is, what it does, and simple steps in managing it. (Please consult your physician before attempting anything contained in this document)

Instruction on Coca's pulse test to help determine food allergies and sensitivities. 

Instructional information for those patients who have received Guasha therapy. This is a list of "do's" and "don'ts" following treatment. 

This diagram illustrates the numerous conditions that contribute to Sympathetic Nervous System Stress in the body and the cascade of biological effects that occur as a results.

This is our gem to our patients. A simplified, modified version of a yoga pose for relaxation and downregulation of the Nervous System.

An article from the author of the "RICE" theory on why Ice may prolong injuries and healing.

Basic carpal tunnel exercises that can be done at home to help address pain and weakness in the wrist.